Stress Management Coaching

We all experience stress on a day to day basis, there are two types of stress the good stress which is known as eustress which is about challenge and comfortably pushing ourselves to achieve our goals and negative or bad stress which is the real issue that many hard working professional are suffering from everyday. Your body has a coping mechanism that allows you to deal with the effects of stress in your life but there is a limit and once that limit has been reached it can seriously effect your personal and work-life.

“Real courage is about asking for support not suffering in silence or ignoring the problems, thats stupidity and it will effect your work and family”

In the western world there is a myth that many high achievers hold like a badge of honour that you can only be effective when your stress levels are so high that your nearly pulling your hair out, or that you work as long as possible without breaks or with as little sleep as possible because it proves something, in truth the only thing it will prove is that eventually you will break, sure you can keep it up for a short period of time but live like that you will hit the proverbial brick wall, and take it from me, someone who has hit it, it will ruin your life. Over six years of hell and a massive amount of work to get myself to a point where I could get back to work.

A proactive approach to dealing with stress

I have spent almost a entire decade working in the areas of stress and personal performance. In my experience if you are feeling stressed or suffering from poor performance, productivity, concentration, mood swings, insomnia and frustration then act now and get the support you need.

In order to support you to increase your performance, health and wellbeing I have created a program called Stress IQ. it is a culmination of my training and experiences of severe stress and uniquely combines traditional stress management with success coaching strategies and techniques, It contains tools that can be implemented straight away with positive results immediately.

So if your ready to make a proactive impact in your life and improve your work and personal life then call me today for a free consultation, and what’s great, I can work with you where ever you are in the world as long as you have access to a phone line or the internet.

Have a great day and I look forward to hearing from you.